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Hybrid Shopping Experience for Eyewear Retail Chain

The goal was to launch a successful online platform that would enable customers to conveniently shop for eyewear online with virtual try-ons while optimising backend processes for efficient operations.

Business Requirement

As part of the digital transformation journey for a traditional eyewear wholesale and retail provider, the client wanted to develop a system aimed to establish an online presence and provide a seamless online and offline shopping experience to customers. The key requirements were as follows:

  1. User App: Develop a user-friendly mobile-friendly web application that enables customers to browse for branded frames and customised lenses, upload and save prescriptions, place orders, schedule deliveries, and make secure payments.

  2. Backend Process Automation: Automate and streamline various backend processes, including inventory management, order fulfilment, delivery logistics, and payment processing.

  3. Scalability: Build a scalable solution that can accommodate future growth and handle increased order volumes.

  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Develop a solution that is cost-effective for a new business, considering budget constraints.

Our Solution

To meet the specific requirements, we devised a comprehensive e-commerce solution that catered to the client's needs:

  1. User App: We designed and developed a user-friendly mobile-first web application.The app allowed customers to easily navigate through product categories, add items to their cart, place orders, and select delivery options.

  2. Backend Automation System: We implemented an efficient backend automation system that automated key processes, such as inventory management, order processing, delivery logistics, and payment processing. This streamlined the operations and reduced manual effort.

  3. Scalable Infrastructure: We leveraged cloud-based infrastructure to ensure scalability and cost-effectiveness. By utilizing services like Firebase, the solution could scale up or down based on demand, allowing them to handle increased order volumes as it grew.

  4. Budget Optimization: We tailored the solution to fit the client's budget constraints. By employing open-source technologies and leveraging cost-effective cloud services, we created an affordable e-commerce solution for a new business.

Key Takeaways

Technologies Used

  • Launch of a user-friendly mobile-first app that enhances the shopping experience.

  • Streamlined backend processes resulting in improved operational efficiency.

  • Scalable infrastructure capable of handling growth and increased order volumes.

  • Cost-effective solution considering the budget constraints of a new business.

  • Client Side (Web): Angular

  • Backend: Django

  • Microservices Architecture

  • AWS Cloud, Firebase

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