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Musical Staircase for Crowd Engagement

Musical staircase in the metro station: Sensors detect footsteps triggering musical notes through speakers, enhancing commuter experience and generating positive publicity.

Business Requirement

Our client approached us with a unique idea to enhance the commuting experience in a metro station. The key business requirements were as follows, as provided by our client:

  • Create an engaging and interactive installation that will captivate metro commuters.

  • Promote a sense of joy, creativity, and entertainment within the metro station.

  • Attract attention and generate positive publicity for the metro system.

  • Develop a visually appealing and innovative solution that aligns with the station's aesthetics.

Our Solution

To meet our client's business requirements and bring their idea to life, our team collaborated closely with them to design and implement the musical staircase in the metro station.

The following steps were involved in our solution:

a. Client's Idea and Conceptualization: Our client initially proposed transforming a regular staircase into a musical instrument resembling a piano. They envisioned creating an interactive experience where each step would produce a musical note when stepped on.

b. Design and Aesthetics: Working closely with the client, we developed a design plan that incorporated piano keyboard stickers on each step, giving the appearance of a piano. The design was carefully executed to ensure visual appeal and alignment with the overall station ambience.

c. Step Sensing Technology: We integrated laser sensors near each step to detect when a person stepped on a specific step. These sensors were calibrated to capture foot movement accurately and promptly transmit signals to the central computer system.

d. Sound and Lighting System: Strategically placed speakers were installed alongside the staircase to play musical notes associated with each step. Additionally, LED lights were integrated into each step to illuminate when a person kept their foot on it, enhancing the visual experience.

e. Central Computer and Programming: Our team designed and built a dedicated computer system to receive and process signals from the laser sensors. Using custom-developed algorithms, the computer system mapped the steps to the corresponding musical notes, ensuring accurate sound generation and synchronization.

f. Installation and Testing: The musical staircase was meticulously installed in the metro station, considering safety regulations and ease of use for commuters. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the accuracy of step detection, sound quality, and synchronized lighting effects.

In Media

Key Takeaways

Technologies Used

  • Enhanced commuter experience.

  • Positive publicity and brand image.

  • Community engagement.

  • Technological innovation.

  • PCB Design

  • Product Design

  • Step Sensor and illumination

  • Control System

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